The Essiac Formula
Rene Caisse and ESSIAC® Tea
Statues of Rene Caisse stand in the centre of Bracebridge, Ontario, and outside the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Do you know the story of this extraordinary Canadian nurse? It's an inspiring tale that deserves more prominence in our country's history.
Rene Caisse was a registered nurse in small-town Ontario in the 1920s. One day, while asking a patient about her medical history, she heard something that set her life on a singular path. The patient was an elderly woman who had been a prospector's wife. In her youth, she told Nurse Caisse, she'd been very ill. Because she and her husband lived far from any hospitals, a First Nations healer brought her an herbal concoction on a regular basis.
Her curiosity piqued by this woman's experience, Nurse Caisse began searching for an aboriginal healer who could tell her more about this herbal tea. Her quest led her to an Ojibway elder, who taught Rene Caisse how to select, prepare, and combine four plants (slippery elm bark, Indian rhubarb root, sheep sorrel leaves, and burdock root) to make an herbal supplement.

Renowned Worldwide
Soon after she began administering the herbal tonic to people, Nurse Caisse realized that it could be beneficial for many. She set up a testing laboratory in Toronto for a few years, but was soon coaxed back to her hometown of Bracebridge, where the Town Council gave her space to establish a clinic.
Over the next decades, people travelled from all over Canada (and, in fact, from around the world) to visit Rene Caisse's clinic. Thousands of people experienced the power of Nurse Caisse's tea, which she named "Essiac” – her own last name spelled backward.
Rene Caisse refused to take payment for ESSIAC®. She made it her life's work to offer this immune supporting tonic to those who needed it.

ESSIAC®  Today
Rene Caisse retired in the late 1970s, and sold the rights for the ESSIAC® formula.  Essiac Canada International continues to make and distribute her original ESSIAC® formula worldwide.
When Rene Caisse was operating her clinic, institutionalized medicine and governments were sceptical about many natural products. Thankfully, today most health professionals see the value in taking a more holistic approach, and some recommend ESSIAC® as an option for those who want to support their immune system.
ESSIAC® is available in three forms: vegetable capsules, extract, or powder to make an infusion. Essiac Canada International grows herbs especially for ESSIAC®, and the plants are cultivated without herbicides or pesticides. Visit the ESSIAC® website for more information about this remarkable product.
The story of Rene Caisse reminds us that one person can make a difference. Nurse Caisse endured skepticism, but remained dedicated to her dream, and earned the gratitude of thousands.
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